Website Design Service by Sites by Dennis

Sites by Dennis provides quality websites for small businesses and organizations at reasonable and affordable rates. My coding is clean and complies with W3C web standards for better effectiveness with the search engines and usability. Each website is treated as if it were my own, paying close attention to detail, and in making sure all the right information is properly provided. I work closely with each client, and do my best to meet the needs, goals, and expections of each.

I prefer to create websites from scratch using pure HTML (HyperText Markup Language) coding. Each website page is clean coded utilizing proper use of the title, meta tags, and headings. Each page also includes basic and effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy to help enhance your website presence in search engine results for both content and location! Not having to work within a "kit site" is great, especially when you need something special done!

Why have a website that looks and behaves like everyone else?
Stand out and be noticed with a great looking and functional website!

Website Layout and Design

  • Clean HTML coding
  • Simple and easy website navigation
  • Photos and graphics website optimized
  • Cross Browser Friendly
  • Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Website periodically reported to major search engines
Meeting todays high standard in website design and meeting W3C standards in website design.

Quality Photo Editing and Graphic Design

Impress your visitors with an attractive website which not only looks great, but functions properly. I strongly encourage the use of great looking photos and graphics which help describe products or the service you provide. Photos which are clear and appropriate.

The pride is displayed in each website designed in the quality, functionality, and content. No website developed is quickly done then passed on.

Need a great website? Give me a call at 406-295-4903 or !

Responsive Website Design

What is Responsive Website Design? Simply, it is a website designed to be viewed on a variety of media and screen widths. As an example, this website is designed to be a Responsive Website. To see for yourself, simply resize your web browser and see the magic happen.